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How Is Roman Glass Jewelry Made?

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How Is Roman Glass Jewelry Made?

Although early Roman Glass was very expensive and its use limited to the wealthy, over time the manufacturing techniques allowed for much more everyday use for the glass--bottles, vases, bowls, drinking glasses, and plates for instance. Discoveries of top quality sands, extraction techniques, and chemical additives such as lime and natron all added to the growth of the industry. Interestingly, Roman Glass was not made for window glass until much later in its existence! As glass is fragile and it breaks often, much of it was disposed of and can be found in digs, middens, and excavations. Though the supply is not unlimited, enough of the shards exist to support the Roman Glass jewelry made in Kiryat Gat, Israel by our dedicated suppliers who have over 40 years experience in the fine craftsmanship required to make the jewelry. Sterling silver settings provide a luxurious, yet affordable elegance.

In our pages, you will find Roman Glass earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, crosses, Judaica and Stars of David, and hamsas or "Hands of God" as they are sometimes known. Many of the pieces come in sets where you can buy Roman Glass as matching earrings and necklaces. We offer a 10% discount on sets, too!

You will notice that some of the pieces are clear and others have a lovely multicolored surface patina. These differences result from oxidation that occurs over 2000 years of being in contact with the soil of differing moisture levels and mineral concentrations. All the glass started out as that wonderful blue/green color that reminds many of the ocean or summer, but every finish is different and each piece is unique. 2000 years is a long time, isn't it!

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